2.5 Installation Review Guidelines and Checklist

For field review of mechanical insulation installation, the following table lists the key inspection categories that should be included, and references sections in this document that provide additional relevant information.

Table 2.5.1 – Installation Review Checklist and Cross Reference

Checklist Category Description Reference Sections
Safety (Personnel Protection and Fire) Protect people from injury

Table 2.2.2 – Key Design Objectives by System Type and Temperature Range

BC Building Code Primarily flame spread, smoke developed and fire stopping Appendix B, Materials Reference Tables; Section 2.4, Building Envelope, Air Barrier and Fire Stopping.
Application Which systems require insulation[20] Tables 2.2.2 Key Design Objectives by System Type and Temperature Range, 2.2.3 Mechanical Insulation Commercial and Institutional System Components Check List, and 2.3.1 Material Selection Considerations by Temperature Range
Material Selection Material suitable for application[21] Appendix B, Materials Reference Tables; 2.3.2 Mechanical Insulation Temperature Selection Table
Installation Standards Weatherproofing, jacketing, pipe support[22], vapour barrier

Table 2.3.11 – Mechanical Insulation Covering Types and Descriptions


[20]Attention should be paid to proper insulation of fittings and equipment such as flanges and valves, which are often missed.

[21] Many materials look alike but are not; attention should be paid to ensure materials and labels match specifications.

[22]Most pipe support systems require insulation between the pipe and hangar; in this case care must be taken to protect insulation from damage from the hangar.